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New to the facemask reconditioning scene, Integrity Sport Services has hit the ground running providing our customers with the same precision and integrity that they receive on their helmets. Every facemask is individually handled by our expert staff, resulting in your facemasks looking brand new, all while meeting NOCSAE standards. With competitive pricing and a quick turnaround time, you won't regret choosing Integrity Sport Services for all your facemask needs. 


Contact us today for a quote on pricing and how to get started!


End-of-Season Facemask

Upon arrival, each facemask is inspected for any damages and is logged to ensure you receive the correct facemask(s) back.




Royal Blue

Bright Orange

Kelly Green


Light Gray


Forest Green

Seattle Blue


Stripped Facemask

Each facemask is stripped down to bare steel and is prepped to receive a new coating in the specified color.



Vegas Gold

Don't see the color you are looking for? Reach out to us and we'll work with you to get your desired color!

*Disclaimer: The colors seen above may not directly match the true color of the finished product. If you have any questions about our colors, please contact us.


Recoated Facemask

Facemasks are recoated and recertified to NOCSAE standards

Ordering Form & Shipping Process

To begin the ordering and shipping process, please contact us at Zach@integritysportservices or to receive the order form and a quote. Once you receive the order form, please follow the shipping steps listed below.

1. Remove facemask(s) from helmet and any additional hardware (mouthguards, clips, etc.) from the facemask prior to shipping.

-Damaged Facemask(s), such as bends and weld breaks, should be discarded prior to shipment. Any damaged FMs received will be rejected based on NOCSAE standards.

2. Package the Facemask(s) in a shipping box. If there are 2 or more colors in a box, please denote the desired colors on the FMs with tags, string, tape, etc.

3. Complete and submit the order form to either email listed above. Please include a copy of the order form with your shipment.

4. Ship to:​​​​

Integrity Sport Services

869 Broad St.

Wadsworth, OH 44281

5. Reconditioned facemasks should be returned in 1-2 weeks of initial arrival; however, additional time may be needed in the months of March - July.

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