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Our Services


Football Helmet Reconditioning & Recertification

  • Helmet Inventory

  • Shell, Hardware and Internal Parts Inspection, Sanitation, and Installation

  • Buffing/Sanding

  • Custom Paint

  • Recertification

  • Custom Football Decals and Installation

  • Helmet Tests Performed to NOCSAE Standards

  • Pick Up/Delivery

Shoulder Pad Reconditioning

  • Repair and Replacement: Straps, Clips, Buckles, Toggles

  • Sewing and Patch Work

  • Clean and Sanitize

  • Game Ready upon Return


Laundry Services

  • Local In-Season Weekly Laundry

  • End-of-Season Laundry

  • Cleaning and Sanitation of All Sports Cloth

  • Cloth Repair

  • Ozone System

  • Detailed Inventory Report

  • Local Pick-up/Delivery

**We can launder any type of uniform as long as it is not "Dryclean Only"

Facemask Reconditioning (Coming Soon)

  • In-House Reconditioning and Recertification

  • Color Change

  • Hand Dipped Facemasks Meeting NOCSAE Standards

  • All Standard Colors


Lacrosse Helmet Reconditioning & Recertification

  • Helmet and Hardware Inspection 

  • Cleaning and Sanitation

  • Recertification

Disclaimer: NOCSAE requires lacrosse helmets to be recondition and recertified starting three years from the manufacture date and ever year thereafter.

Baseball & Softball Helmet Sanitation 

  • Cleaning and Sanitation

  • Custom Paint

  • Custom Decal Service and Installation

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